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Why I decided to become a beauty blogger.

On June 8th I blogged about the Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Iracebeth lipstick and I really enjoyed doing the review. It was the first time I had blogged in about 6 months and it felt really good to be writing again so I started writing more and more beauty reviews and I’m still loving it a month later.

So why beauty?

I’ve always loved cosmetics and beauty products. In the 70’s I was the girl with the giant Bonne Bell lipgloss in her pocket. In the 80’s I was always first in line at the Elizabeth Arden counter to get their Christmas package and Princess Marcella Borghese was a favorite brand for me. In the 90’s I loved Clinique and Lancome and Revlon.

Then I became a mom. Being a mom leaves little time for make-up and quite frankly I stopped caring about putting make-up on which was a big mistake. Aside from wearing lipstick and blush my beauty routine was dead.

Fast forward 10 years…I still basically just went with the lipstick/blush routine but I was starting to get back into wearing eyeshadow and using bath products (other than bar soap).

Then I got pneumonia which was awful. After a 2 month recovery from being on the world’s worst anti-biotic my skin was a mess and I was losing my hair which was completely depressing. I needed help!

Then I discovered Lush. My daughter and I enjoy watching Grav3Yard Girl and she recommend Lush Shampoo Bars and so my obsession began. In a few months I was a full-on Lushie and the Shampoo Bars literally saved my hair. Not sure if there was a direct correlation but after I started using them my hair stopped falling out and now it’s back to normal. So if you see me review Lush a lot that’s why!

I truly believe that women of all ages can benefit from beauty products. Spending even $25 a month at Sephora or Ulta can be a huge lift to your spirits. I know that I feel 100% better when I find a great lipstick or eyeshadow.

I know beauty isn’t rocket science but it can give us a much need break from work, politics, being a mom, cleaning, laundry…well you get the picture. It doesn’t matter your age, weight, economic status, gender or race… I feel like beauty brings people together in a positive way and if I can write a review that makes even one person smile then it’s worth it.

So there you  have it! I hope you enjoy reading my reviews and I hope to keep improving my blog.

Thanks for reading!



12 thoughts on “Why I decided to become a beauty blogger.”

  1. This is nice. Sometimes I feel that beauty blogsphere are largely from the 1990s or younger. It is hard to relate to their anti-aging routines or makeup looks. Lovely to find a blogger that’s relatable 😄

  2. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading each post in your beauty series, just as I’ve always enjoyed reading everything you write. I’ll admit, I was surprised to see this side of you, and a little curious. So now I know what brought it all on, the new look (of the blog) and the new looks (you look fabulous!). Leave it to Bonnie to turn beauty into something totally geek. I love it!

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