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Tarte Glisten Cheek Stain Review

Today I tried the Tarte Glisten Cheek Stain in Golden Peachy Pink and while I like the product I’m not sure I picked the right color.

What’s to love!

The Tarte Glisten cheek stain is a very rich thick product that you glide over your cheek as blush. It’s got a nice fruity scent, I want to say it actually smells like peaches. It comes in a short wide tube that you can push up from the bottom.

The color is quite awesome too. It’s a very shimmery mix of peach, bronze and fine, fine gold. As you can see on the swatch it definitely glows. I love the shimmer!

The only issue I have is with the color. I should not have chosen peach for my skin tone. I Think Rosy Pink or Sheer Watermelon would have been a better color choice for my fair skin.

Even though the product is thick it feels nice on your skin, like a light cream and it has great staying power.

I also like this product for my purse.. I hate when powder blush breaks up when it gets jostles. This stick is the perfect travel companion.

Overall I love this product, it’s great if you want to add a little shimmer to your cheeks.

5 thoughts on “Tarte Glisten Cheek Stain Review”

  1. I actually adore this color for your skin tone! And it also works for a nice tint of color on the lips 🙃

    1. Oooo…I should try it as a lip tint. Great idea. With the right shade of lipstick I think it will work. I’m just so used to wearing pinks that I haven’t experimented with peach much. Thank you!

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