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Clinique Different & Long Last Lipstick Review

I have been a huge fan of Clinique since I was a teen and I’m still in love with the brand. Clinique is always coming out with new products that I use and love. Today I wanted to talk about their Different & Long Last lipsticks which I absolutely adore.

Currently I own 3 Clinique Lipsticks and I actually laughed out loud when I started this review being that these 3 shades are very similar. I think I need to go shopping soon.

Different Lipstick

The first two shades in the photo are Different Lipstick in Ripe Raisin and Sweet Honey. Ripe Raisin has some shimmer to it. Sweet Honey is sheer.

The Different Lipstick is a moisturizing lipstick that’s super creamy, but never gooey. It has zero odor or taste and feels amazing on my lips. You will have to reapply after a meal but that’s fine as I keep one in my purse.

Different Lipstick comes in 12 shades.

Long Last Lipstick

Clinique’s Long Last lipstick is just that. It wears longer than the Different lipstick and I swear it makes you lips look fuller. I have Berry Breeze which is the shade on the far right. This is a darker color that looks great in the Fall. It also has zero odor or taste.

Long Last Lipstick comes in 26 shades.

My only advice when buying Clinique lipstick at the counter is to do your homework on line and have a few shades picked out in advance. Long Last, Long Last Soft Matte & Different lipstick all have the same the silver tube case so it’s sometimes hard to figure out which is which. The new High Impact lipstick has a slightly different case.


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