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SinfulColors Nail Polish Review

I just picked up a few awesomely Halloween shades of Sinful colors today and I am so impressed! My favorite color of the bunch is a dark shade called Rich In Heart.


What’s to love?

I wasn’t expecting to love this polish so much. At $1.99 a bottle I am thrilled that I can stock up on wild holiday colors that I might not normally wear every day although I am planning on using Rich In Heart shade a lot this Fall.

The polish goes on super smooth with not a hint of goopiness. It did seem a tiny bit thin on application but when the color dried it has perfect coverage. I am only wearing on coat and it dried lightening fast.

The color is amazing. It’s a dark reddish brown with lots of reddish shimmer. It reminds me of burgundy velvet theatre curtains under a red light and my nails give off a great shine under the light.

Overall I am super impressed with SinfulColors and their huge selection of colors.



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