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Lush Magic Wand Halloween Soap Review

Whoo! My Lush Halloween haul has arrived and first up is the Magic Wand Soap.


What’s to love?

The smell of this soap is truly magical. It’s a wonderful blend of pomegranate, coconut and tangerine. This is a glycerine based soap so it feels slickish to the touch when wet and the lather is bubbly and clear.

The colors in my slice include orange and yellow in the center with a dark green skin. I am a bit confused because Lush states “the detoxifying charcoal in the soap’s black outer layer will get you squeaky clean“, although their picture is green too so it must be green.

I feel like this soap looks like a cool Halloween cauldron or something out of Harry Potter and I love that. I love how it looks in my bathroom with my owl shower curtain. Yay! Halloween is here. More Lush Halloween reviews are coming soon.






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