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If Lucius Malfoy Shopped At Lush…

Around Halloween Harry Potter is on constant loop around my house and I can’t help but think that Lush would be an amazing addition to Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade. So just for fun I got to thinking about which Harry Potter character would most likely be lurking in the aisles of Lush and while Severus Snape is one of my favorite characters I doubt his ego would allow him a trip to a bath store…Lucius Malfoy on the other hand…oh yeah.

Lucius has the Galleons and the gall to pull off a major Lush haul that would make most of us green with envy. So here goes…

Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar


I’m pretty sure that Lucius has a secret weapon for keeping those blond locks looking amazing so he must be using the Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar. This lavender and rosemary duo is surely what gives those famous blonde locks their shine. Clearly Azkaban didn’t supply him with any Lush products because his hair took a major turn for the worse after his imprisonment. The dangers of being a Death Eater…bad hair.

Dark Angels Face and Body Cleanser


After a day at Hogwarts berating Harry Potter ones skin is sure to get a bit grungy. The castle is dark, dirty and fueled by fireplaces so there’s got to be a lot of soot in the air. However that’s not a problem if you’ve got a supply of Dark Angels Face and Body Cleanser to blast off that castle grim. This black as night coal cleanser is sure to clean up Mr. Malfoy’s delicate skin and it gets bonus points for matching his wizard robes.

Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb


When you’re a former Slytherin green is in your DNA. Lucius probably has a closet full of Guardian of the Forest Bath Bombs hidden away at Malfoy Manor and a bath tub the size of a swimming pool to use them in. And if I’m going to guess I image that Lucius smells of Cypress Oil which coincidentally is the main ingredient in this bath bomb. Oh and yes I’m pretty sure Lucius is a bath kind of guy.

Magic Wand Soap


Would Lucius go the obvious route and use a soap called Magic Wand? Does an owl fly? Any man that conceals his wand in a cane is going to go ga ga over a soap that leaves him “bewitchingly bright”. Not that we’d mind smelling him after a shower with Magic Wand in the mix.

So there you have it. Four products that I’m pretty sure Lucius Malfoy would stock up on at Lush and you can bet your sweet Cauldron Cake’s that he’d even buy some Charity Pot at the register.


Image Credit: Harry Potter Wiki


13 thoughts on “If Lucius Malfoy Shopped At Lush…”

  1. Omg now I want everything in this haul just because of the Lucius Malfoy references lol. Thanks for bringing together the world of beauty products and Harry Potter 🙂

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

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