Estée Lauder Estée Edit Flash Photo Gloss Review

The Estée Edit Flash Photo Gloss is quite possibly the oddest and most beautiful product I have ever tested. I got this sample in my October Sephora Play box.

October 2016 Sephora Play Box Review

What’s to love?

First, I have to say that I really like Estée Lauder products, they were a staple for me in the 80’s. I loved their lipstick which was highly pigmented for the time.

However when I plucked the Estée Edit Flash Photo Gloss out of my Sephora box I was totally flummoxed as to what to do with this product! Was it a tooth whitener or a lip gloss? I also kept thinking that the box was Dr. Who Tardis blue…really? Maybe I just need more sleep.

Anyway it turns out that it’s “A high-tech, high-shine gloss with cool blue micro-pearls to help bring out the white in your smile.” Well ok! There’s also a blue Flash Photo sheer powder product that’s supposed to brighten your skin.

The color of this product really is a beautiful translucent white/blue pearlized shade that’s just mesmerizing. It’s supposed to smell of vanilla but mine was a bit weak on scent. Upon application it felt a bit sticky and looked like a glass-finish gloss. Not bad at all, just a clear gloss. I tried taking a selfie which looked bad in the bathroom light and I didn’t notice a huge improvement in my appearance but it may work better in natural light but it’s raining cats and dogs here today so natural light is not to be.

Overall I’m wondering if this is a passing fad or pure genius. Anyone else try these “blue” photo products. Do tell!

October 2016 Sephora Play Box Review


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Bonnie is a 48-year-old girl geek. She started her career as a geek way back in the 1970's after she saw Star Wars 37 times. She loves hanging out in cosmetics shops, writing about the latest beauty products and helping moms over 40 look amazing. In her spare time she collects beach glass and blogs about it.
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3 Responses to Estée Lauder Estée Edit Flash Photo Gloss Review

  1. That sounds interesting, tempted to look more into it. xx

  2. AnnaMPark says:

    Mine actually had a stale scent, almost like it had gone bad — not even close to vanilla. I like to dot it on the center of my lips over other lip colors to give it a slightly more blue-based tone. If only it didn’t smell so bad!

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