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If Dr. Who Shopped At Lush…

Stop me! OK, I can’t stop. I started the “If so-and-so shopped at Lush” last year and I can’t stop. I am a total Sci-fi geek who thinks about who’s using Lush for what — a lot.

So today I bring you If Dr. Who Shopped At Lush…and by Dr. Who I mean David Tennant who is by far my all time favorite Doctor.

So here goes…If Dr. Who Shopped At Lush…

Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

I’m staring with the obvious here…Dr. Who most likely has a most fantastically huge bath tub aboard the TARDIS and my guess is that he’s soaking with a Sex Bomb Bath Bomb which just happens to have a rose in the center….hmmmmm.

Lush Cosmic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

Stating the obvious  — again! Dr. Who is a bit of a Cosmic Warrior but the reason I chose this mask is that some people seem to think it smells like wet dog (I don’t) but it reminds me of K-9 in a weird way. It’s also got Fresh Garlic and Tea Tree Oil which I am hoping will ward off those royal vampires!

Lush Refresher Shower Jelly

You better believe that David Tennant…err Dr. Who smells amazing, and perhaps like fresh lemons! I’m sure he also appreciates this wibbily wobbly but not so timey wimey shower jelly.

Lush Metamorphosis Bath Bomb

The nature of Metamorphosis is so dystopian on the outside that I can’t help but thinking about the Cyberman and the Daleks and the fall of Gallifrey and everything that’s dark and I’m sure that Dr. Who’s inner psyche would appreciate the juxtaposition of this bath bomb. Once the grey melts away you’re left with color and hope and a nice smelling bath! OK, this is all getting too deep.

So there you have it! Now if only we could prove my theory correct and find out what Dr. Who was actually using from Lush.

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