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Lush Christmas 2016 Is Coming!

As if Halloween didn’t creep up soon enough now Lush Christmas is on the way, rumor has it that the Christmas products will be up on the North American site on Oct. 1st.


Image Credit: Lush Catalog 2016

My Lush Christmas must-have products!

Reusable Bubble Bars – My most coveted product are the 3 new Reusable Bubble Bars, we loves all the Lush Reusable Bubble Bars and plan to get all three of the Reusable  Bubble Bars on a stick. They are The Magic of Christmas, Jester and Magic Wand. I also want to try the purple Northern Lights Jasmine bar.

Bubble Bars – More Bubble Bar action comes in the form of the very cute Snowie.

Fun – My family love the Fun so much and Christmas brings Santa, Reindeer and Robin and Snow Fairy…we want them all!

Bath Bombs – So many are on my want list. Shoot for the Stars and Luxury Lush Pud look so good.

Shower Gels – I really want the Snow Fairy Shower Gel.

Oh and I’ll take all the other products too, so hard to decide. Bring on Christmas I say!

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