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Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Halloween Glitter Palette Review

Today I was at Target and picked up a Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Halloween Glitter Palette for my kid. I am usually leary of no-name Halloween make-up so I was excited that Wet N Wild has some cool Halloween products. They even have tutorials for the Halloween line.


What’s to love?

I go crazy for anything glitter, call me that middle-aged mom who has a glitter obsession! This palette was on a display of Halloween make-up from Wet N Wild and NYX and the selection was amazing. I want more.

I chose the Mesmerizing Mermaid palette which has gold, orange, white pink, purple and green glitter face make-up. You get a single ended foam applicator with this set.

The gold, pink and purple colors are large glitter and have great pigmentation. The only one that was a little sparse was the purple. Pink looked the best.

The orange, white and green are finer shimmer shades. The white one was really light while the orange and green had much better coverage.

Overall I am thrilled with this fine and am excited to experiment with Halloween looks. It is Made in China, but Wet N Wild has been around for a long time so I’d rather use them then a no-name brand. This feels like a quality product and has very little scent.

Price: $3.99


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