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Holiday 2016 SinfulColors Sleigh Me Nail Polish Review

SinfulColors has two 2106 holiday lines this year with new and returning colors. You can select from the Santa Bae and Un-Bowlievable collections.  The Un-Bowlievable collections has this very pretty purple sparkle color called Sleigh Me.


What’s to love?

Sleigh Me is a beautiful grape color with some nice purple shimmer. I used two coats for my desired color and I think it looks amazing. This color does remind me of a Christmasy purple and the shimmer is light enough to look sparkly but is still toned down enough for work.

This color applied super smooth and looks like glass when dried. Very pretty.

Also at $1.99 each you can pick up a bunch of the SinfulColors holidays colors for a great price. Next up is Santa Claws with is a red and white glitter!


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