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Fill Your Beauty Bag For Under $50!

I wanted to see if I could fill a beauty bag for under $50 with everything I’d need for a complete look and I think I did pretty good! I used the prices from Ulta except for the ColourPop Lippie Stix and SinfulColors.

I wanted a bag that I could use for both a full face make-over and touch-ups. The concealers was a must-have for my dark circles and oily skin and I decided to included two shades of lip color for variety. I also like carrying nail polish just in case I want to do my nails on the go.

I’m pretty excited that I found 8 quality products for my bag! What would YOU include for under $50. Feel free to try this experiment.


Grand Total! $48.95  (this does not include tax).



8 thoughts on “Fill Your Beauty Bag For Under $50!”

  1. Love all the products. Big 👍🏻. You can see my blog I also do this drugsore win products. We share similar ones 🙂

  2. Loved this haul! I think I’ll do this myself! I definitely have PLENTY of amazing drugstore/affordable makeup products so I think doing s full face for less than $50 will come very easy for me! Thanks for the inspiration!

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