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Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Palette Review

A few weeks ago I tried out the Maybelline The Graffiti Nudes Palette and liked it so much I decided to try out The Blushed Nudes Palette next and I like it even better.


What’s to love?

With The Blushed Nudes Palette you get 12 light shimmer and metallic shades in the range of white, beige, sage, pink gold and brown. I tried to create a swatch but they are so light it was hard to do on my arm. The top row of colors are extremely light. If you’re looking for a super dark pigment I would get the Graffiti Nudes instead.

I do love the palette range. I am wearing the metallic pink (bottom row, 2nd from right) and the white (top row, 1st shade) which is the most matte color of the bunch.

According to the back of the package you can create quads, trios or duos from this set. I can see myself using this palette often as I like these soft shades.

The shadows have zero scent and the palette is made in the USA. So far no creasing but I would recommend using a brush to apply. I used one of the foam applicators (you get two) that came with the set the product gets a bit cakey on the foam. I wish all palettes came with a brush!

Overall I really like this palette and I got it for a great price, paid $8.77 on Amazon.


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