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Maybelline The Graffiti Nudes Palette Review

Today I checked out this exclusive and it’s beautiful. It’s the new Maybelline The Graffiti Nudes 12 eye shadow palette. It will be in stores on 7/31/16.

This economical palette gives a nice selection of colors which includes hot pink, aqua, black, dark blue dark green, mauve and 6 actual nude shades. I think that Maybelline decided to combine some colors from The Nudes Palette to make a more colorful line. Maybelline also has The Rock Nudes Palette.

What’s to love?

There is a really nice color selection in this palette and the shades go on so easily. The powders blend well together and on the back of the palette box there are some suggestions on how to create quad, trio and duo looks. You also get a 4-way foam pad applicator.

The shades also have some shimmer to them, which makes them pop a little more and I would not call these matte. As you can see the darker shades have more pigment.

My favorite colors in the palette are the pink and aqua colors.

What’s not so hot…

The thing that bothers me most is that this palette is Made in China. I wish all Maybelline  products were made in the USA.

The other thing that I don’t like is the smell which has a slight chemical odor although it’s not completely overpowering like some powder eyeshadows. Most people probably would not notice, but I do have a sensitive nose.

Overall I feel like this is a quality palette for the price range.


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