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Morgan Taylor Nail Polish in Rare As Rubies Review

If you’re looking for a full on Christmas look you’ve got to try Morgan Taylor Nail Polish in Rare As Rubies. I feel like my nails look like a cross between Dorothy’s ruby slippers and a red glitter Christmas ball.


What’s to love?

The Morgan Taylor brand feels super high-end to me, this is a super luxurious nail polish and color. Unlike a lot of glitter polishes this one is both color and glitter. You get a beautiful red gel shade with bright red Christmasy glitter mixed in.

I used two coats and my nails look amazing, the photo does not do them justice. I actually had a few people at store compliment me on the color today. This shade would be perfect for a holiday party and surprisingly I would consider wearing this everyday. It’s that pretty. I do anticipate a little work in getting it off as glitter tends to stay on.

I also love the packing.  The bottle is very heavy with a thick glass bottom which make it look like a work of art!

It’s also free of free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP.


Price: $9


4 thoughts on “Morgan Taylor Nail Polish in Rare As Rubies Review”

  1. That is a pretty color. Although I love glitter polish, I tend to stay away from it because it’s so hard to get off. I bought some nail polish foil pads at Dollar Tree that do work well to get it off. It’s just too much screwing around for me. I saw where one blogger said to paint polish over the glitter then wipe it off. Seems like a good idea.

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