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Lush Shooting Stars Soap Review

I got the second part of my Lush Boxer Day Sale haul and it had two bars of Shooting Stars Soap which is a glittery lemon delight!


What’s to love?

Shooting Stars is pure lemon, line and orange which I love. I am a huge fan of citrus soap so I stocked up on this one. My favorite piece of the three bars I got is this one because it has fours colors and lots of gold glitter.

If you happen to see a whole Shooting Stars soap (see below) you’ll see that it’s a bunch of stars surrounding one huge yellow shooting star with a tail. Lush then cuts this huge bar up into small pieces to sell. The advantage of going to the store is that you can pick your on piece, however I do like the surprise I get when ordering online.


Image Credit: Lush

Two of my bars are from the yellow star and this one has some of the smaller stars. I love all three! I get wonderful citrusy suds from this bar and then scent lasts after I leave the shower which I love.

Luckily Lush just restocked their sale items so you can get it on their site!


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