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Lush Igloo Soap Review

I’ve got a few more treats from the Lush Boxing Day Sale to share including this Igloo Soap which is actually much different than I expected.

Below is the big Igloo that the Lush stores cut pieces off of. You can get a red, orange green or yellow square piece of soap that dusted in sodium bicarbonate.


Image Credit: Lush

I ordered my Igloo Soap online from Lush North America and got a piece that looks like an actual igloo which I though was really cool.

My yellow piece of soap does have a cool green iridescent shimmer to it too. The scent is pure citrus with a hit of floral from the White Rose Petal Infusion and it smells amazing.

The photo on the left has the sodium bicarbonate coating and the photo on the right is of the soap wet. It has great lather too!

Citrus Alert! In comparing Igloo and Shooting Stars I’d say that Shooting Stars is more of a pure citrusy lemon scent which Igloo definitely has more or a floral undertone. They are both amazing but I just wanted to point out the differences. Also there is no glitter in Igloo.


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