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Lush Avobath Bath Bomb Review & Demo

The Lush Avobath Bath Bomb is one of my favorites for Spring. The color of this one is a pretty green with yellow spots and the shade looks a little different in inside light (left) vs. outside light (right).

What’s to love?

The Lush Avobath is one of the lower priced Bath Bombs. I swear I paid $6.95 at the Lush store and it’s $6.75 online. Either way it’s under $7 which is nice.

To me Avobath is an intensely fresh bath bomb with a fruity, citrus and foresty scent which comes from lemongrass, bergamot and gardenia extract. The scent is strong but very relaxing.

Avobath has freshly mashed avocados and organic extra virgin olive oil which did make my skin feel very soft. The fizz is nice and the water turns a bright opaque green from Avobath. This one didn’t take very long to dissolve, it lasted about 3-4 minutes.

One thing that I like to do with Lush bath bombs is chop them in half. This makes them more economical. I just put one in a ziplock bag and split it with a butter knife, you do have to chop at it a bit to break it up. Putting it in the bag is less messy because they do tend to flake when you cut them.

Overall I love the Avobath is a new Spring and Summer favorite for me.

Price: $6.75

Here’s a short demo of the Lush Avobath Bath Bomb on YouTube.


10 thoughts on “Lush Avobath Bath Bomb Review & Demo”

  1. I want to try some more lush products but as a student I’m pretty budget constrained and I don’t have a bath (😢). Any suggestions? 🙂 xx

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