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Naked Cosmetics Desert Sunset Eyeshadow Review

Naked Cosmetics is a lessor known brand that sells mostly in in Salons, Spas, Studios, and other Pro Beauty Venues. I got the Desert Sunset Eyeshadow sample in my January Ipsy Bag and it’s very nice. It’s a Mica Pigment that uses no talc, oil, wax or other fillers.

What’s to love?

First up, I love the packaging. The square plastic pot twists off to reveal the eyeshadow. This square little pot has a beautiful loose shimmery sparkly powder inside. It is very fine and looks a bit like cooper on my skin. I just dipped my finger in to apply and the pigmentation was amazing. It really brightened my skin while making it shine. You can also blend it out for a lighter look.

This product is very versatile too. I tried it as a cheek highlighter and it worked quite well. A tiny bit goes a long way. The eyeshadow comes in 6 desert themed shades with a price of $14.99. Overall I think this is a quality product for the price.


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