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IBY Beauty Mineral Pressed Blush Review

I received a sample of the IBY Beauty Mineral Pressed Blush in my Spring 2107 Beautycon Box and it’s beautiful! The IBY Blush is Paraben and Talc Free and it’s Made in the USA.

I come in 4 shades: Peach Sheen, Raspberry, Peachy and Passion Pink. I have the Peach Sheen shade.

What’s to love?

While I had not heard of IBY Beauty I can say that I am loving this highly pigmented blush. It’s also silky soft and makes my skin glow with a bit of sheen. I like having a few peachy blushes in my stash for when I where brown eye shadow and my Urban Decay Vice Amulet lipstick.

It also very fine being a mineral blush which it a fresh and lustrous finish.


I also found that it has great staying power and it can layered for additional looks.

Full-Sized Price: $16

Check out the IBY Beauty Mineral Pressed Blush in my Spring 2017 Beautycon Video!


1 thought on “IBY Beauty Mineral Pressed Blush Review”

  1. I think I have the same blush. 🙂 It’s a very pretty color. We both have pretty similar fair skin so I can pretty much use you as a blush, and overall makeup, guide. 🙂

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