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Lush FOMO Jelly Mask Review

The new Lush Jelly Masks come in 5 varieties and I have the FOMO Jelly Mask which is extremely gentle as it has calamine powder, rose absolute and neroli oil. It’s actually a bit too gentle for me. I got this one from a Lush North America Facebook contest.

What’s to love?

The FOMO mask smells amazing. It’s a wonderful rose scent that’s not too flowery. The Jelly Masks do take a bit of time getting used to. They have a thick jelly-like consistency and you have to pinch off a bit and rub together in your hands or take the entire thing out and rub on your face.

I got great results with FOMO, but my face just needs a bit more exfoliation. I think this is a neat product and I’d use it again. I want to try Just To Clarify next as it is a face polisher.

One note is that these only last about 4 months which is why the container is so small.


4 thoughts on “Lush FOMO Jelly Mask Review”

  1. Wow I love lush! I’m going to have to try this, it sounds pretty interesting. I usually use the cosmetic warrior face mask from lush. It works wonders to be honest. After every use my skin instantly looks brighter and my skin tone is a bit more even. Have you ever tried it? For exfoliating, I recently started using a product called bio-peel gauze peeling in the lemon scent. It’s by negó en and you can get it at sephora. It works so well and my skin is super sensitive so if it doesn’t break me out I don’t think it will break anyone out lol!

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