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Crime Against Humanity: Wrinkled Clothes

I learned something today. Wrinkled clothes are bad.

My mom (who lives with us) found a basket of my daughters clean clothes this morning. Now my thought is “Bonus! Finding clean clothes feels like a win to me”. Sadly not so. Here’s the conversation we had.

MOM: Are these clean?

ME: (*Picks something out of the basket and sniffs it) Yes.

MOM: (*picks up a pair of really, really wrinkled pants) Oh look! She can wear these to school today. She’ll look so nice. Do you have a shirt to match?

ME: Ummmm…yeah they are kind of wrinkled I guess (*hangs head in shame).

MOM: This is a crime again humanity. (*leaves room).

My mom cracks me up. She’s 71 and grew up in a completely whacked generation of women who actually ironed their husbands underwear. I kid you not she did. My husband is lucky if his underwear gets unballed from the basket and dumped in a pile on the bed.

2.5 minutes later.

MOM: Give me the pants.


Yes, I’m pathetic. I let my mom iron my kids pants.


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