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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish Review

Earlier this Summer I picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish in Bordeaux Glow. This awesome gel nail polish requires no light to set.


Funny Story and why I LOVE this polish…

When I first picked up this nail polish I had no idea that you needed the Miracle Gel Top Coat. I just liked the color and my old eyes never even read the tiny instructions on the back. Needless to say I’ve had beautiful results with just 2 coats of polish. When I figured out the top coat trick I had a “Wow” moment. I swear this nail polish might last all Summer with one application.

I primary use  this shade on my toes. The color of the polish is a perfectly rich dark red with some serious shimmer. It’s one of my all time favorite colors and looks great with my brown leather Birkenstocks.

I’ve also found that the polish easy to remove with nail polish remover. However because of the dark color I use a Q-Tip to get the remaining polish from the corners of my nail.

Miracle Gel comes in 70+ shades and you can often times find me at Target staring at the display trying to figure our which one to buy next. I’m leaning towards Shock Wave which is hot pink or Terra-Copa which is a bronzey color.


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