Urban Decay vs. Tarte For Women Over 40

I have been using Urban Decay & Tarte for quite some time now and love them both but one has a slight edge for women over 40…here’s the scoop!


I feel a little bit like Jimmy Fallon during the Chad Smith vs. Will Ferrell Drum off, as both of these bands (err…brands) are near and dear to my heart, but here goes!

Urban Decay

Urban Decay is my go-to place for lipstick. Their Vice line is amazing and I’m thinking about mortgaging my house to get all 100 shades (just kidding…maybe). I am also in love with their special sets like Alice Through the Looking Glass and their Wizard of Oz Glinda Palette. These palettes make me feel like a teenager again.

I also love their bright and bold eye shadows for when I’m feeling a little sassy and want to wear blue or green or purple eyeshadow.

Urban Decay does cater to the wild side with products like glitter eyeliner and their Gwen Stefani line which I think is awesome being that Gwen is over 40 even though she doesn’t look it.


Tarte has a more subdued color scheme with palettes like the Tartelette in Bloom Clay Palette which has nude colors like leader, charmer and smarty pants. Tarte is my go-to palette for everyday and I love the vanilla smell of their shadows.

Tarte carries a beautiful line of Amazonian lipstick and clay palettes AND a complete skincare line for people like me who need a little extra hydration and concealer.

I have also gone banana balls over the Grav3yard Girl Swamp Family Palette, my favorite color is mancat.

So who’s the winner?

I’m going to give a bit of an existentialist answer here.

Tarte wins obvious over 40 contest because their line carries a much more extensive line of skincare and aging product and you can wear their make-up everyday to the office, soccer games and to your mother-in-laws house without creating a buzz.


Urban Decay wins for us older moms who want to date rock stars once in awhile. There’s nothing more liberating than putting on some blue Dive Bar eyeshadow for a night out with the girls (or Rod Stewart).

So like Chad Smith and Will Ferrell I guess both win depending on your mood!

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