August 2016 Birchbox Review

*Spoiler Alert! I’m showcasing the August 2106 Birchbox today.


I was so excited to get my August Birchbox today! I love the pretty geometric box and the haul is super exciting in this one!

Here’s what I got in the August 2016 Birchbox!


MannaKadar Cosmetics  – This one is a bit odd because the Birchbox card says this is The Day Dream Palette but the back of the product says Fantasy which I think is this. Either way I love it! You can use it as a blush, highlighter or eyeshadow. It’s super shimmery and and lightweight. I can wait to use this tomorrow.


Beauty Protector Oil – I can’t find a website for this product so I think it could be a Birchbox exclusive. It’s supposed to give hair “serious shine” and protect from UV rays. It smells really nice, like a warm vanilla and I’m excited to try this one out.


Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick – I’ve been wanted to try Stila but my Sephora budget is maxed this month so I was thrilled to get a sample of the All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina which is a rosy pink. This product smells amazing, like sugar cookies and I can’t wait to get it on my lips. I’ll be sure to review this one soon.


Skin Food Black Sugar Mask – As you can see from my blog I love a good skin mask so I am so excite to try this one from Skin Food. I might just try this exfoliating mask tonight. It’s got a light caramel scent which is nice.


R+Co BADLANDS Dry Shampoo Paste – Finally I got another hair product. The Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste looks really neat. The R+Co says this product is “One part dry shampoo, one part styling paste and 100% badass on days when you want to add texture and hold to slept-on hair.” I’m so on board with this! I also love the smell, it’s a cross between sea salt, maybe lime and perhaps what Johnny Depp smells like!

Overall I give the August Birchbox a 10 because not only will I try every product they all smell amazing too which is so cool to have 5 out of 5 that smell so good.

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