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Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Review

Here’s my 3rd sample of the day! I got the Skin Food Black Sugar Mask in my August 2016 Birchbox and it was just what I needed today!


What’s to love?

My face was in desperate need of a good exfoliating today and the Skin Food Black Sugar Mask did the trick.

The mask is super grainy and smells just like fruit. I rubbed the mask into my skin and let it set for 10 minutes. The mask felt amazing on my face, very refreshing and nice. I love these rough exfoliating masks because my skin is oily and tends to look dull if I don’t  exfoliate often. I rarely get redness from masks.

I washed the mask off with a warm clothe and my skin feels smooth and tight. I really love this mask and plan on adding it into my monthly routine.


9 thoughts on “Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Review”

  1. I also love this mask. It exfoliates, but it’s still not too rough, and it leaves my skin so smooth. And the smell is heaven!

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