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Wear It Like Boy George!

This is a little deviation from my normal posts but lately I’ve been taking notice of over 40 celebrities and what they’re doing with their make-up.

One of my favorite singers (from the 80’s and now) is Boy George and I finally got around to watching Celebrity Apprentice (yes, I’m really, really late) because I wanted to see Boy in action in the business world (he’s amazing).

As I started watching I was more than pleasantly surprised by how great his make-up looked and being that we’re both over 45 (err…and a little more) it made me smile seeing how he wasn’t afraid to go bold, especially with the purple eyeshadow. He looks amazing!

So lately I’ve been turning up Karma Chameleon and trying to improve my skills with a brush to make my eyes a little more creative and daring.

My new make-up motto. Wear It Like Boy George! Who is YOUR Celebrity Make-Up Muse?



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