Happy Birthday Tartelette from Sephora!

I love Sephora! Their rewards program has got me so much loot this year and they have a neat birthday program too. All you have to do is sign up for their beauty rewards and during the month of or before your birthday you get a gift. I have a January birthday and I got this Happy Birthday Tartelette set today!


I got a 12 Hour Blush in Paaary and a Tarteist Lip Paint in Birthday Suit (how appropriate).

Tarte Energy Noir Clay Eye Shadow Palette Review

This Limited-Edition Tarte Energy Noir Clay Eye Shadow Palette is so pretty, it has just the colors I’ve been looking.


What’s to love?

This cute little palette has 6 eye shades (Full Moon, Charged Up, Dark Drive, Stone Unturned, Up To Slate and Misty Mauve) 2 dark shades that you can use as liner (Power Plum and Lunar Eclipse), 1 highlighter (Crystal Spark) and a blush Unearthed). The colors are so pretty and rich too, they do remind me of earthy clay colors. My favorite color so far is the Misty Mauve which is a nice deep plum.

The eye shadows are highly pigmented and have great staying power. I didn’t get one bit of creasing either which is great. The only thing I miss is the vanilla scent that you get with Tarte. My guess is that the clay palette doesn’t have the scent, in fact there is no scent at all which is good too.

The purple acrylic case is super high quality too and quite weighty. The only thing I wish it has was a brush!


Overall I love this palette. Tarte is one of my favorite brands and this one does not disappoint.

Price: $38

The Tarte Swamp Queen Palette by Grav3YardGirl is back in stock!

One of my all time favorite palettes is the Tarte Swamp Queen Palette by Grav3YardGirl and it’s back in stock only on Tarte.com as of Nov. 1st. I have no idea how long it will be in stock but according to Bunny it’s also limited run.

I’ve been using this palette now for about 4 months and as you can see still have a ton of product left. A tiny bit goes a long way so it’s well worth the $45.

I’m actually thinking about getting a second palette because I love this one so much!


What’s to love?

I feel like the colors in this palette are made for me (thanks Bunny). I frequently use Mancat, Uncommon and Haunting for daily wear and Sippy Sippy looks great in the evening. I feel like anyone of any age can use these colors. I’m 46-years-old and the shades work so well for me. I love using Gator Wings as a highlighter too. Sweet Tea is about the only shade that’s a bit too dark for me.

I contorted myself to swatch the 9 eye shades and as you can see the pigmentation is amazing, I mean really, really nice. This entire palette also smells good enough to eat because of the vanilla scent. Everytime I open the box I want a snack (which could be bad!).


Here are the 3 blush/highlighter shades swatched. The sparkle on Gator Wings is so pretty.


You get…

  • Eyeshadow in SFS (rose gold)
  • Eyeshadow in Natural Peaches (peachy nude)
  • Eyeshadow in Dogman (burnt sienna)
  • Eyeshadow in Big Baby (cream)
  • Eyeshadow in Sassy Bun (copper peach)
  • Eyeshadow in Sippy Sippy (glittery brown)
  • Eyeshadow in Haunting (lavender)
  • Eyeshadow in Uncommon (purple slate)
  • Eyeshadow in Mancat (deep plum)
  • Bronzer in Sweet Tea
  • Blush in Does this Thing Really Work?
  • Highlighter in Gator Wings

So there you have it! Thanks Bunny for making this available again.

Ipsy Bag Tarte Tarteist Mascara…What the what?

This is a strange one. Yesterday I got the Tarte Tarteist Mascara from my Ipsy Bag and on first inspection it seemed fine. It does have an odd twist/snap top but mine wasn’t broken. I had heard from other bloggers that there were some issues with leakage.

Today I wanted to wear and review this mascara so I pulled it out again and with the second pull I now have a more goopy messy.

As you can see from the first photo the there’s way to much product on the wand and upon application it was really, really clumpy. My eye looks a bit like a spider, which might be good for Halloween.

I’m not sure what to think. Perhaps this was meant as a one or two application sampler or the design of the tube is just funky as there’s no way you can wipe the excess product off on the edge of the tub.

I am a huge fan of Tarte and Ipsy so this isn’t turning me off on their products at all, this just seemed to be a strange sample. I’m not going to return mine but perhaps if enough bloggers mention it they’ll look into the issue for future samples.


Tarte Glisten Cheek Stain Review

Today I tried the Tarte Glisten Cheek Stain in Golden Peachy Pink and while I like the product I’m not sure I picked the right color.

What’s to love!

The Tarte Glisten cheek stain is a very rich thick product that you glide over your cheek as blush. It’s got a nice fruity scent, I want to say it actually smells like peaches. It comes in a short wide tube that you can push up from the bottom.

The color is quite awesome too. It’s a very shimmery mix of peach, bronze and fine, fine gold. As you can see on the swatch it definitely glows. I love the shimmer!

The only issue I have is with the color. I should not have chosen peach for my skin tone. I Think Rosy Pink or Sheer Watermelon would have been a better color choice for my fair skin.

Even though the product is thick it feels nice on your skin, like a light cream and it has great staying power.

I also like this product for my purse.. I hate when powder blush breaks up when it gets jostles. This stick is the perfect travel companion.

Overall I love this product, it’s great if you want to add a little shimmer to your cheeks.

Urban Decay vs. Tarte For Women Over 40

I have been using Urban Decay & Tarte for quite some time now and love them both but one has a slight edge for women over 40…here’s the scoop!


I feel a little bit like Jimmy Fallon during the Chad Smith vs. Will Ferrell Drum off, as both of these bands (err…brands) are near and dear to my heart, but here goes!

Urban Decay

Urban Decay is my go-to place for lipstick. Their Vice line is amazing and I’m thinking about mortgaging my house to get all 100 shades (just kidding…maybe). I am also in love with their special sets like Alice Through the Looking Glass and their Wizard of Oz Glinda Palette. These palettes make me feel like a teenager again.

I also love their bright and bold eye shadows for when I’m feeling a little sassy and want to wear blue or green or purple eyeshadow.

Urban Decay does cater to the wild side with products like glitter eyeliner and their Gwen Stefani line which I think is awesome being that Gwen is over 40 even though she doesn’t look it.


Tarte has a more subdued color scheme with palettes like the Tartelette in Bloom Clay Palette which has nude colors like leader, charmer and smarty pants. Tarte is my go-to palette for everyday and I love the vanilla smell of their shadows.

Tarte carries a beautiful line of Amazonian lipstick and clay palettes AND a complete skincare line for people like me who need a little extra hydration and concealer.

I have also gone banana balls over the Grav3yard Girl Swamp Family Palette, my favorite color is mancat.

So who’s the winner?

I’m going to give a bit of an existentialist answer here.

Tarte wins obvious over 40 contest because their line carries a much more extensive line of skincare and aging product and you can wear their make-up everyday to the office, soccer games and to your mother-in-laws house without creating a buzz.


Urban Decay wins for us older moms who want to date rock stars once in awhile. There’s nothing more liberating than putting on some blue Dive Bar eyeshadow for a night out with the girls (or Rod Stewart).

So like Chad Smith and Will Ferrell I guess both win depending on your mood!

Tarte Tulip Amazonian Butter Lipstick Review

My final purchase from my Ulta haul yesterday was the Tarte Tulip Amazonian Butter Lipstick. There are 8 lipsticks in this collection. Price: $17

What I love about the Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Tulip.

This lipstick feels amazing going on. Completely smooth and buttery with a very, very light minty fragrance. The color is a nice light rosy shade with just a tiny hint of orange.

I will say that this lipstick feels more like a lip treatment with color than a true on lipstick. The color is not very bold but your lips feel totally hydrated, soft and supple (it contains cupuacu butter, shea butter and vitamin E) which is great for Summer.

What’s unique about the Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick?

This line of lipstick comes in a paper cardboard tube (the inner gold holder is plastic) which I found interesting. I like it, my only worry is that it might not hold up if you keep the tube in your purse with other make-up.

It also is formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan , sodium lauryl sulfate and gluten.

Tarte Grav3yard Girl Swamp Queen Palette Review

I may be 46-years-old, but that didn’t stop me from squealing when my Tarte Grav3yard Girl Swamp Queen Palette arrived in the mail today. Upon unboxing my loot I was impressed with the packing. Tarte wrapped the palette in bubble wrap and beautiful purple Tarte tissue paper. The palette itself comes in a paper box that matches the actual palette. (see below).


Now I have to admit that photographing the inside of the palette was extremely hard. Between the mirror and the gold make-up case there was a lot of glare, but here it is, can you tell my hand was a bit unsteady!`swampqueen

Aside from my subpar photo I have to say that the palette is really nice. It’s pretty hefty and the mirror is top quality, with no wobbly-wiggle in the surface.

This is my first Tarte purchase and I immediately noted the amazing vanilla smell. I LOVE that these powders smell like vanilla and not all chemically. The shades are much more rich and brilliant than in the photo too. Lots of sparkle and shimmer going on here. I was a bit worried that I might not be able to use these shades everyday but I was wrong.

You get…

  • Eyeshadow in SFS (rose gold)
  • Eyeshadow in Natural Peaches (peachy nude)
  • Eyeshadow in Dogman (burnt sienna)
  • Eyeshadow in Big Baby (cream)
  • Eyeshadow in Sassy Bun (copper peach)
  • Eyeshadow in Sippy Sippy (glittery brown)
  • Eyeshadow in Haunting (lavender)
  • Eyeshadow in Uncommon (purple slate)
  • Eyeshadow in Mancat (deep plum)
  • Bronzer in Sweet Tea
  • Blush in Does this Thing Really Work?
  • Highlighter in Gator Wings

Here’s a casual shot of me looking like I ate a lemon. Try taking a picture in a mirror while holding an iPhone. Seriously hard! I also look like I have a Tarte tattoo on my chin which is kind of cool. I’m wearing “sippy sippy”, “sassy bun” and “big baby” with a little “does this thing really work?” on my cheeks. I paired it up with some Clinique mascara and lipstick. Remember, I’m not a make-up artist, just an average human who loves beauty products, so if I can make this work so can you.


I really feel like I’ll use all of the shades at some point. This palette is perfect for every day use and you only need a tiny bit of product so I imagine it will last for a long time. In addition the the 12 shades you also get a really, really nice brush will a wooden handle. Finally there is a tip card with day/evening looks to try.

The bad news is that this is a limited run from Tarte and I’ve heard that it’s hard to get. I got lucky and ordered mine directly from Tarte on the release day but they sold out quickly. I do commend Bunny for trying so hard to update her fans on more release dates at Sephora and Ulta. She is truly a class act and I’m thrilled to own this little piece of Swamp Family goodness. Thanks Bunny for creating a palette that we all can wear!

Product Update 6/12/16 – You can now order the Swamp Queen palette at ulta.com they also have the Tarte Grav3yardgirl Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint.

It will be in Ulta Stores on June 26th.