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Cargo Cosmetics Around The World Palette Review

I received the Cargo Cosmetics Around The World Palette in my Spring 2017 Beautycon Box which was quite a nice surprise. It retails for $34.


What’s to love?

The Cargo Around The World palette has 6 matte and 6 shimmer shades all in neutral tones and you get an average quality duel-ended brush. The case is cardboard covered and you do get a nice mirror.


From left to right you have: Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, New York, Shanghai, Moscow, Athens, Dublin, Madrid and Toronto. I think it’s neat to have the shades match a city name too.

The shades themselves are nice but the pigmentation varies from shade to shade. The shimmer shades are much smoother than the matte ones. My favorite shade is New York on the far right which is a pretty dark brown.

I found the staying power to be average. They didn’t last all day but I found them to be good for about 4-5 hours.

I think this is a nice daily-wear palette if the colors are appealing to you.

Overall I’m not sure I would have bought this palette because it wasn’t on my radar but it was very cool to get in my Beautycon Box.


Check out the Cargo Cosmetics Around The World Palette in my Beautycon Box Reveal too!


3 thoughts on “Cargo Cosmetics Around The World Palette Review”

  1. I was browsing through older youtube videos and came across Tati’s recommendations of Cargo eyeshadow. I suddenly remembered how much I wanted to try those many years ago. I found a deal online which had 2 of the palettes voor €24,95. A good deal I thought…

    However, just as you mentioned, the quality is average. Pigmentation is fine, but could be definitely improved. There is way too much powder kickup when you dip your brush. And I’m really not impressed with the lasting power; tried it with different primers even. I was wondering whether other people had the same experience, thats how I came across your blog.

    Perhaps this quality was considered high quality before the market had become so saturated with makeup brands + had improved their quality greatly because of the competition,
    but safe to say that cargo eyeshadows now can be considered subpar.

    Im still playing with the palettes, but Im quite disappointed in the quality. I have the following palettes btw: All around the world and land down under.

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