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Maybelline Color Tattoo Crayon Review

A few weeks ago I tested out the Maybelline Tattoo Metal Cream Gel Eye Shadow and really like it so I thought I’d try the crayon too. I got the Maybelline Color Tattoo Crayon in Lilac Lust.


What’s to love?

The main reason I bought this one is because I love keeping a stick eyeshadow in my purse. At $5.99 these are a great inexpensive way to build up your make-up bag.

I found the crayon very easy to use. I just applied directly to my lid and blended with my finger. The formula is super smooth and light with no scent. I had no problems with creasing and found the pigmentation to be good.

I love the color. Purple is one of my all time favorite eye colors and the metallic shimmer makes it even more pretty.

Upon reading the fine print I did read that this product is flammable until dry, good to know! It’s Made in the USA which everyone knows I love so that’s a plus too.

Overall I’m happy to add another product to my purse for mid-day touch ups so Yay for this one.



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